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Too good to go ! Don’t throw it away, it’s still good!

Let’s actively fight against food waste!

How do we do it?

  • We give our edible food scraps to local farmers to feed their livestock healthily !
  • We help to explain what a “best before” date is; the date of maximum durability indicated on our matzos. Even if it’s passed, there’s no risk. One minute in the toaster and the unleavened matzo bread regains its original crispness for the pleasure of the taste buds!
  • Leftover unleavened matzo bread? Don’t throw anything away, find our quick and easy recipes to enjoy yourself even with small leftovers!

Let’s stay focused on food safety!

For consumer safety, we are IFS (International Features Standards) certified. This set of requirements applies to all stages of the production of our unleavened bread. This helps to guarantee food safety and quality. 325 control points allow us to check all the stages: production, food control, quality management, HACCP, buildings, and traceability.

Made in Alsace

All our unleavened bread is therefore made in our only production site in the Alsace, and we claim it! Because we respect the specifications, we have been awarded the “Enjoy Alsace” quality label!

Our unleavened matzo bread is made with raw materials (ingredients and packaging) from millers and suppliers almost all of whom are located within 150 km !

Made in France!

  • 100% French wheat, spelt and organic cereal flours
  • Our cardboard packaging is made in France
  • Production machines made in France: our tunnel ovens, our packaging machines…

My grandfather used to say: “Why go to the other end of the world to find what you can find just down the road from you!”