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An ancestral recipe for good food!

Making “healthy” unleavened matzo bread is essential for us!

As a manager and mother, the unleavened matzo bread we make, must meet my requirements as a “Mum who cares about her children’s healthy diet”! What is good for children, is good for adults!

  • 100% natural and vegetable ingredients.
  • Nutrient-rich and organic ancient cereals .
  • Healthy recipes for crispy and tasty matzos !

100% local and eco-responsible

For almost 115 years, our company has been loyal to its home village, Soultz-sous-Forêts, located in Alsace in the Vosges du Nord Regional Park, a recognised World Biosphere Reserve!

Since 1972, we have been certified organic! Making organic unleavened matzo bread means respecting and preserving the environment. It is already 10 years since we created organic unleavened matzo bread based on ancient cereals, often forgotten and which have been put back into cultivation… for the greater good of biodiversity!

For 15 years now, we have been thinking about our packaging: designed from the outset to reduce the amount of material used, and for the cardboard, which is made up of 80% recycled material, it is recyclable! For 3 generations now, we have been sorting our waste following the good sense of Grandfather Paul Heumann, whose concern was to reuse (especially after the war) as much as possible!

Women, men and values! Equality is our reality! Parity is our reality!

Since its creation in 1907, women have always played a decisive role at Heumann, often in charge of finance! As a manager, it is important to me that women can “have children and a career” with us. Equality is our reality, with as many women as men… including in positions of responsibility: finance, purchasing, quality, but also line management… The richness of a team comes from all our differences!