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What is unleavened bread?

Flour, water and… that’s it!

I promise, nothing more. Except for a very tasty crunch. Matzo is unleavened bread, i.e. it does not contain any leaven. It is baked in a very short time.

Did you know that the French name of Matzo (“Pain Azyme”), “AZYME” comes from ancient Greek and is composed of the privative “A” which means “WITHOUT”, and “Zumè” which means “LEAVEN”.

It is one of the oldest breads of humanity. Unleavened matzo bread dates back to the time of the Hebrews. When they fled from Egypt, the Hebrews baked their bread dough without having time to let it rise; this is how Unleavened Matzo Bread was born, a recipe that has lasted through the ages until today!

And is it good?

It’s up to you to try it! One thing is certain, it is very crispy, and can be eaten both sweet and savoury. Butter, jam, spreads, fruit, cheese, salmon…

We leave it up to your imagination to invent the sandwich of your dreams, we tell you, it will inevitably go with it.

And for even more deliciousness, you can dip it in all sorts of preparations, like hummus or guacamole.

Unleavened matzo bread is a simple recipe with healthy ingredients and a lot of fun.

Our passion is to perpetuate recipes that are thousands of years old… So, we also think about making them evolve. By varying the cereals, but also by developing even more delicious recipes with spices and vegetables. So, we can reinvent the aperitif.